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Montgomery County Bankruptcy And Tax Problem Lawyer Serving Suburban Maryland

Losing Sleep Over Financial Problems That Seem Unsolvable? Bankruptcy or Tax Problem Relief May Be the Solution to a Fresh Start!

Debt problems can lead to overwhelming feelings of worry and stress. Many people with significant debt problems feel as though they lack any options to change their situation. Regardless of the cause of your distress, you deserve the chance to start over.

The Law Offices of Sandra Kresch is a Maryland law firm specializing in bankruptcy, loan modifications, tax problem relief and tax controversy issues. Attorney Sandra Kresch is dedicated to providing options for people experiencing financial trouble in these areas. She protects clients' rights and reviews all avenues for relief to determine the best process forward. She helps clients take steps toward achieving financial freedom and getting on track toward a better financial future.

With offices in Greenbelt and Rockville, she represents clients in suburban Maryland and throughout Montgomery, Prince George's and Frederick counties.

Bankruptcy Services

Sandra Kresch represents individuals in all phases of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. She guides her clients through each step, from the initial consultation and creating a sound strategy to gathering information, preparing the petition, completing the plan (for Chapter 13) and getting a discharge.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a fresh start by freeing you from the excessive debt of credit cards, utility bills, homeowners association fees and medical bills. Most personal property is exempt and after the process is complete, most debts are discharged.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy comes with many advantages, including consolidating certain debts into one payment, catching up on mortgage arrears and discharging many remaining debts after completion of the plan. Chapter 13 may also stop a foreclosure sale from taking place.

As part of her comprehensive bankruptcy practice, Sandra Kresch advises clients on all bankruptcy issues, including dischargeability of debts, the automatic stay, deficiency judgments for vehicles and homes, loan modifications, debt negotiation and all tax-related issues and controversies. She explains how filing for bankruptcy stops creditor harassment, including garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures and more. Armed with information and a strong advocate, you can free yourself from debt.

Tax Help Involving the IRS and Comptroller of Maryland

Attorney Sandra Kresch also counsels clients who face serious tax problems. Her extensive knowledge of tax law enables her to resolve all types of tax controversies.

Unfortunately, the IRS and Comptroller of Maryland will not go away if you ignore them. They are relentless. They can and will take drastic measures to reclaim the money they believe you owe.

Therefore, you must attack your tax problems head-on. If your situation involves unpaid taxes, un-filed returns, payroll taxes, garnishments, levies or innocent spouse issues, Sandra Kresch can help. You may need to first file past tax returns or amended returns. Then, depending on the circumstances, Ms. Kresch can negotiate a reduction of taxes owed, an installment agreement or reductions or waivers of penalties and fees. The goal is finding the best course of action and eliminating the tax debt.

Free Phone Consultations · Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Prince George's County and Nearby Areas

The firm is dedicated to helping clients put their lives back together. Learn how to get a fresh start: call 301-200-0864 or 800-847-4603 or use the online contact form.

Ms. Sandra Kresch meets her clients by appointment only, at her Rockville or Greenbelt office, or at a mutually agreed upon location. She is available to meet weekdays, evenings and some weekends. Cash, check and money orders are accepted.

The firm is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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The Law Offices of Sandra D. Kresch, LLC

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